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Pandora's Emporium
Victoria Road, Brora, KW9 6QN
01408-622562 or 07527-102969

 Winter Opening Hours
Being a 'one man band' this is the time of year when I 'catch up' on other things, go treasure hunting to find new stock, bend my mind around the dreaded books!!  So - although there are no official opening hours I am around - if you want to come and have a browse please call 01408-622562 or 07527-102969
As long as I am here - I am happy to open up for you!!


OPEN any time by appointment
please phone 01408-622562 or 07527-102969

Pandora's Emporium is a fantastic Vintage store in the heart of the highlands of Scotland.  Located on the edge of the lovely village of Brora in Sutherland, Pandora's is on the left of the A9 as you drive north...past the Sutherland Arms (Gleaner) Garage on the right and before the Victoria (Gulf) Garage on the left - next to the Clyne Church!
I have a treasure trove of glorious vintage, retro and classic clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery and accessories from the 1920's right up to modern trends, including some bridal wear - as well as excellent unusual hand made gifts, cards, corsages, cushions, paintings and a variety of other interesting 'stuff'!!!
This is my shop and I offer a unique personal service - just let me know what you're looking for and I will try my best to make sure you leave a happy customer!

Since the shop opened in Brora in October 2007 I have perhaps become best known for Vintage & Retro clothes, shoes, jewellery and accessories.....however, it seems less widely known that I also sell modern, eclectic and classic clothing, small (sometimes bigger) bits of Antique's, furniture, crockery, glassware, Artwork, photographs and ANYTHING unusual and beautiful......ALL of which I source myself by traveling all over, both in the UK and (very occasionally) abroad - however I will happily take items on a 'Sale or Return' basis from you.........

What exactly does that mean?
Well, Pandora's Emporium gives you an outlet to sell anything you have lurking in your wardrobe/cupboards - worn or unworn - used or new, vintage or modern! We display, label and sell your items for you - no need to spend ages taking photographs, writing descriptions, dealing with time wasters, posting etc.... I do it all for you, by either selling in the shop in Victoria Road or on line - depending on where the best customers might be for your items.
So....if you have any quality items that you would like to sell, I am always looking for new stock! All I ask is that you let me know when you would like to come and drop it off - that it is in very good, clean condition - ready to hang and sell and all shoes - bags etc are new/almost new and should be hardly used or worn.
In return for doing all of the work selling the items - obviously I take a commission - however, I strive to get the best possible price for each and every item - which means you should end up with a decent amount of pennies!
If you have any 'pre-loved', vintage or other items that are too good to throw away or so full of memories they deserve to live another life with someone else......please call me on 01408-622562 or 07527 102969 - it is always a good idea to make an appointment to come with SOR goods - as it is best to take items in when the shop is not open to customers. thank you!  Lesley x

This web site is always changing - so feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.

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