Pandora's Emporium - An eclectic mix of old and new!
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Lesley Graham
Lesley Graham
Lesley owns and runs Pandora's - she has an eye for the unique and unusual coupled with eclectic taste which is reflected in the fantastic array of clothing, accessories and giftware in the shop.......customers have declared Pandora's the best vintage shop in the North of Scotland and say Lesley has a marvellous flair with colour, design and style that is not only exciting but makes shopping in Pandora's a wonderful and individual experience!  Although there is a variety of gorgeous evening and day wear on the racks in the store itself....there is an extensive back room full where Lesley frequently disappears to rummage and bring forth treasures that take your breath will leave here not only with an outfit that is uniquely yours but having enjoyed the experience of shopping like never before.  Personal service - fantastic outfits - exclusive to Pandora's of Brora!!

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